Thing 16 Library Thing

This tool  might become one of my favorites, perhaps  because of my love for books. Growing up, books became my connection to far away places and people. I found  several great  features of library Thing  that takes the library as we traditional know it  to another level, which is  indicated in the examples noted below.

  • Several ways to participate  that promotes social networking
  • Contribute to tags
  • Rating and reviews for a book
  • Common knowledge, facts about the author , characters and so on. (What about the geographic location and themes , especially Southern and New England authors).
  • Participation  in member forums ( social networking by connecting with members who share same interest and authors especially subject matter).
  • Join early review programs (Could this be a fun way to make predictions about how a book  might sell?)
  • Discovery of new books , by social networking

I especially liked the Zeitgeist feature, because it shows several areas related to books authors and users. for example, you can find the top 50 tags,(which leads

to   related subjects) lowest rated authors,as well as top books such as The Catcher in the Rye.I found that the Library Thing to be a great way to collect ,store,

share  new books. Although privacy option is available, I would argue that sharing  benefits everyone.  Also, this tool underpins social networking and sharing in a

for book lovers (about time). Imagine, keeping up with events , especially from various geographic locations. What’s happening in your favorite nook of the

woods? What is  your favorite bookstore? Also, what makes it your favorite?Are there any thoughts on these questions?

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